BOB ALLISAT Welcome to my homepage on the internet.


My name is Bob Allisat. Born 1959 in Alberta, Canada. Raised in Ottawa, brave nation's capital. Five years Olympic style wrestler. BA Carleton University (1982). Masters, Psychology, West Georgia College (1983). First job out of school? Taxi driver. Which allowed me to be a poet, painter, object maker in my youth.

Currently (as always!) a cheerfully positive, healthy male with an indefatigable work ethic. Boringly heterosexual, leaning towards monogamy, single. Two grown children, Emmaline and Desmond. Widely read & travelled widely enough ty. Have lived in Carrolton GA, Montreal, Hamilton ON, Nova Scotia and Vancouver. Toronto based. Valid EU passport.

I write. Out in the wild, hundreds of articles, stories, yes, poems and political words by me. From days of Usenet yore, those long ago forgotten times. Was an Adult educator for ten years with focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Computer Literacy. Continued to write throughout my life with numerous scripts and screenplays in development for production in 2020 and beyond.

Also. Early Internet adapter plus active participant in early Internet history. Founder of World TeleVirtual Network and co-founder (with the late, great Gard Abrahamsen) of Free Community Network (both 1996-1998). Compiler, Digital Bill of Rights (1995, 1998). I have been relatively quiet since then.

Exception: from 2000-2001 I was a professional Internet Video Journalist (IVJ). This role combined videography, reporting + editing of news related content. In addition I was Toronto Bureau Chief for that now demised media outlet (Epress Canada). 750+ 3-15 minute clips. Ended with the unreported, complete shut down of government and organizational activity in the months following 9-11. No news is no news (not good news).

In the remaining 2000's I worked in online as in Internet video (plus various survival jobs). Later landing unrelated but nevertheless management positions with two amazing companies, Planet Organic Market & Goodness Me! Natural Food Markets. Owning five formal years of unbroken profitability and innovation (2008-2013).

Recovering, completed two heritage property restorations (think "This Old House"). A 1908 worker's cottage in Hamilton Ontario and 1888 once grand country home in Oxford, Novas Scotia.

Back home in Toronto found the Movie/TV industry as a background performer and very bit player. 134 roles in 102 various productions. Including two actor roles (American Gothic, Jack In The Pulpit EP, CBS & Canada Story of Us, Founding of Nunavut EP, CBC). Today I work on the production side in Locations.

Also today, tomorrow and every day I actively seek greater creative opportunities and challenges in this life of ours. Offering unique management, literary, media and very human professional skills and abilities. In the amazing city-state that is Toronto. Ready to roll in any appropriate role.

Thank you for visiting. Peace, out, for now.